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Welcome to Welzh Werkzeug

Welzh Werkzeug tools are amongst the most innovative, distinctive and comprehensive tools in the automotive industry, as we incorporate the newest technologies to provide the best standards within the sector. From 2011 our growth rate has been unprecedented, becoming one of Europe’s leading suppliers of professional quality automotive tools and equipment.

For consecutive years we have ended our financial year with record highs whilst still providing the most competitive prices in the industry. One of the reasons we have achieved such success is flexibility and the personal touch of our hardworking and devoted team.
Welzh Werkzeug is driven from the heart with a passion which started long before the establishment of the company.

The company is privately owned by Managing Director Tyrone Welch, whose expertise and passion for the tools drives the innovation that makes Welzh Werkzeug tools. The benefits of private ownership are that customers get decisions immediately but also the freedom to meet individual needs and requirements therefor we take our customers recommendations seriously as we believe in listening to the market to develop the newest products.

As a company we will always rise to a challenge and take a chance to provide the best tools and equipment to our customers. We tackle obstacles and relish the challenge of pursuing new ideas and opportunities. By using specially selected materials we ensure high quality and the longevity of our products.




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