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The modern era of the Automotive industry relies heavily on electronics and electrical components that need to be tested and repaired. We carry a large selection of testing equipment from multi-meters to more specialist items.


Multipurpose Electronic Cable Set

Art. 1002-WW

67306 Press Frame

Comprehensive and a must have kit for maintenance of all electronic components
found within cars, vans, trucks and other non automotive applications.
Can be used with any multi-meter.

72 x testing leads (=36 male and 36 female terminals)
2 x standard probes
2 x acicular probes
2 x SRS Air Bag
2 x Replacement Connector
2 x Polarity Testers
2 x Testing Needles
2 x 5K Variable Resistor
2 x Splitter
2x Alligator Clips


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