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WerkConnect™ is our consumable range which included cutting disks, components, clothing, safety gear and much more. The WerkConnect™ brand also includes products like our BluBird airlines and reels which carry a 10 year warranty.

This is a new brand and is currently being developed and expanded.

BluBird™ Air Hose

Art. 4042-WW

4042 BluBird

The BluBird™ reel is an exclusive to WerkConnect. The King of all trades
This first BluBird product was designed to offer the best of all worlds – the exceptional cold-weather flexibility, the durability and premium
feel of high-end Rubber hose & the light-weightness of premium hybrid hoses. The best of all this is one revolutionary but affordable
rubber hose package.

Ultra light, Super-strong rubber
Ozone resistant cover provides protection from extreme weather, abrasions & kinks
Constructed with high strength polyester braided reinforcement
Lesser carbon footprint
Flexibility in extreme conditions from -50 Degrees F to 180 Degrees F
4 finger grip bend restricter for better ergonomics


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