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Our Policy Regarding Returns

We strive to source and supply products designed to meet the standards of the professional working environment.

Our products come with a 12 month guarantee from date of purchase. There are exceptions to this, such as consumable products which do not come with any guarantee. For items that fall under this category we are able to provide replacements at a charge.  



To speed up the process we will not be dealing with Guarantees and warranties over the phone when placing orders there are exceptions to this, such as hand tools and lifetime warranty items. Please use with all enquiries. Someone will contact you with details once processed.

This is to make the process quicker and more efficient.


Returning Goods and Products

Returns must be requested through all goods sent back without prior notice may not be looked at if they have not been booked in correctly.

If any returned goods are not covered under our policy we will notify you via email.

  • We do not accept wear and tear as an acceptable reason for returning a product.
  • If a product has been used it will be passed to an inspection team.
  • Misuse such as non lubrication of air tools, non lubrication of pressing spindles etc. are not considered as acceptable reason for return.
  • Products must have a valid receipt of when they were sold and the original invoice they were purchased on. The item must have been sold within the last 12 months.


Return Process

  1. A list of all products you wish to return must be sent to us via email We will provide the returns form (found on our website).
  2. Once we have received the request we will try to process it within 72 hours. We may ask for receipts for certain products after inspection. We are unable to proceed if no paperwork is available for certain goods.
  3. When we have all relevant information we will decide what we need to have returned to us for inspection/repair.
  4. We will not offer free returns (this will take effect from 01/09/2018) however we can provide collections from courier drop off points(DPD). This will be £8.95+ VAT for a parcel up to 20kg.
  5. When we receive the products back they will be inspected. You will then be contacted with all relevant feedback. Inspection can take up to 14 days during this period we are unable to provide any updates on the status.
  6. Items rejected will be held for a further 14 days after which point they will be destroyed.
  7. We will pay the postage on the return of the goods to your normal delivery address only.



Specific Issues

Battery Products

We consider batteries of any kind as a consumable item. This will apply to items purchased from 01.09.18.


Torque Wrenches

All torque wrenches should be reset to zero after use, this will keep the calibration correct. Torque wrenches should not be used as a ratchet would be used, they are designed as precision instruments and as such should be kept in a clean, dry environment.


Air Tools

All our air products go through stringent quality control procedures to ensure the highest quality. All of our air products come with a 12 month guarantee unless otherwise stated. Air products must be looked after to ensure longevity any signs of misuse, dismantling or failure to lubricate the product will void any warranty claim.


Hand Tools

We are able to process hand tools over the telephone or when you place an order. 



Below are some examples of what we would consider misuse and abuse.

  • Electronics with signs of water damage.
  • Use of impact wrenches on threaded bars not suitable for use with air tools.
  • Evidence of the product being dropped.
  • Evidence that the product has been tampered with or dismantled.
  • Threaded spindles (such as found on bush tools) that haven’t been greased.





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